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Secreti Nobilissimi is a collection of Bath Mousses strictly releted to the concepts that underpin the original formation of the Perfume Museum in the Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice.

The name of the collection takes its inspiration from the ancient recipe book, Secret iNobilissimi dell’Arte Profumatoria. It is one of the first treatises on modern cosmetics, and it constitutes the basis of the knowledge and uses of the official herbs and medicinal plants employed in creating the formulas of this exclusive new line.

The shape of the bottle mirrors an age-old traditional Venetian bottle on display in the Perfume Museum. The collection is characterized by three delicate Bath Mousses. They were specifically developed by utilizing the most noble official herbs and natural extracts in order to ensue a moisturizing and soothing effect.

With its sophisticated olfactory composition, each fragrance delicately embraces the body and generates a feeling of invigoration and well-being.


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