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A distinctive element of The Merchant of Venice line is the Perfumer Kit: a complete set of instruments and ingredients that affords the possibility of translating desires into fragrances by utilising two bases (50 ml each) and six facets (10 ml each); the facets contain different mixtures of essences, one for each main olfactory family.

By following the manual supplied with the Perfumer Kit, users can create their own 20 ml Eau de Toilette and bottle them in the special spray purse.
The Perfumer Kit reflects the educational value of the Perfume Museum and it highlights the connection between the perfume, its creation, and its subsequent uses.

Aspiring perfumers can learn to distinguish the different ingredients, and develop the capability of “listening to the emotions” that perfumes evoke along with the memories they arouse.

The Perfumer Kit offers the possibility of creating true “olfactory signatures”, personalised fragrances that exalt each individual personality through a mixture of refined essences from ancient times; it encourages one to speculate on and dream about, the great perfumes of our times and their core ingredients.


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